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Encraft joins legal challenge
Independent consulting engineering firm and social housing specialists Encraft has joined one of the three legal challenges to the Government’s recent decision to bring forward the date for reductions in solar PV Feed In Tariff.

Matthew Rhodes, MD of Encraft, confirmed that he is backing Solar Century’s initiative to challenge the date change. He said: “We don’t dispute the reduction in tariffs itself, but the date of this reduction should be 31 March 2012 as previously announced. Legal action is necessary to re-establish that date and to hold DECC to account.

“Encraft is not a solar company but a well-established microgeneration and energy efficiency consultancy that has created 30 jobs in the past eight years and sells services globally. Our clients are pursuing major strategic projects to create lower carbon communities.

“Bringing the date forward creates precious little net financial benefit but does have a huge destructive effect on our clients’ projects. It contradicts Chris Huhne’s promises earlier in the year to manage the market responsibly, destroying investor confidence.

“It also creates a cowboy’s charter for irresponsible operators and speculators, while penalising companies seeking to develop a quality market and community projects in particular. These projects take a long time to develop and cannot be brought to fruition responsibly within six weeks.”

Encraft has been developing solar PV projects since 2009 with a large number of social housing clients and advising many others on appropriate investment strategies to maximise community benefits.

Its clients include a consortium of more than a dozen social landlords in Liverpool, West Mercia Housing, Solihull Community Homes, Orbit Housing, Trent and Dove, Derby Homes and Gallions Housing Association.