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Carbon footprint charted

Crown Paints has launched a new initiative to chart the carbon footprint of every product it makes.

The manufacturer has worked with sustainability consultants Best Foot Forward on a comprehensive study of its products which will now underpin Crown Paints’ action towards sustainability.

With analysis including the impact up and down the supply chain, Crown Paints now has a benchmark from which to reduce its carbon footprint across the business.

At Ecobuild, Crown Paints announced it would use the sound data produced as a catalyst to drive down greenhouse gas emissions across the life-cycle of its entire product range by 10% in 2015, and 25% in 2020.

These two new targets are in addition to the company’s existing ‘earthbalance’ sustainability targets of zero waste to landfill by December 2012. Vernon Kinrade, Crown Paints’ specification sector support manager, said: “Through our earthbalance sustainability programme, we have been striving to reduce environmental impact across the board and our efforts over the last couple of years have provided real and measurable improvements.

“However in 2011 we have a special new focus on our carbon footprint – and the beginnings of the process to drive a carbon revolution across our business. “Being able to establish the carbon footprint of every single product we make is groundbreaking, with very few other companies having this level of knowledge across their full range. “We now have an accurate measure of our products and a basis from which action can be taken to reduce our carbon emissions further.” Charlotte Yates, Crown Paints technology officer for sustainability, said: “The research, development and investment in this programme – coupled with the announcement of our new targets for greenhouse gas reductions – gives a strong statement about the direction we are taking as a company. “We don’t just want to make one or two ‘green’ products, we want to be sustainability leaders. It’s not about filling a market niche, it’s about changing the way we do business.