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Framework proposals launched
Zero Carbon Hub has launched proposals for a delivery framework for Allowable Solutions.

The proposed framework shows how developers will be able to reach the zero carbon standard set for 2016, and is a direct response to the Housing Minister’s call in February this year for a workable approach to Allowable Solutions, the third and final part of the Zero Carbon Homes Policy hierarchy.

The proposed framework, which has been developed with a range of collaborators representing housebuilding, planning, financial and government interests, proposes a system that will meet key working principles, including flexibility, simplicity and transparency in delivery.

The Government has yet to define what will constitute an Allowable Solution. However, on-site, near-site and off-site carbon-saving projects are expected to be available. The framework sets out the mechanism by which affordable, verifiable carbon savings projects might be funded and how they might be delivered in a way that encourages additional investment, limits the impact on those who are making Allowable Solutions payments, encourages innovation and fair competition and gives the option for local choice in the projects that are funded.

The aim of the report now published is to provide a consolidated proposal for Government policy development.

Launching the report, Neil Jefferson, chief executive, Zero Carbon Hub said: “This proposed framework will catalyse the establishment of a scheme for Allowable Solutions and provides the opportunity to add value to local energy schemes where they can really be of benefit.

“The proposals have already received widespread support, but over the summer months we would welcome views from all those who will be involved in operating and dealing with Allowable Solutions.”

Receiving the Allowable Solutions framework, Rt Hon. Grant Shapps MP said: "Back in February I challenged industry to come forward with their thinking on how to make Allowable Solutions work in the real world. That the Zero Carbon Hub are taking the lead in drawing together views from across the sector is excellent, helping to keep momentum behind our drive toward 2016. I will read this report with great interest."