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New initiative

Linden Homes has announced plans for a new sustainability initiative that it would like to see taken up by the industry.

The house builder is investigating the initiative, which it said would provide the opportunity to cut carbon, improve water efficiency, reduce energy costs, create additional jobs while delivering new homes that people want to live in.

“We are committed to increasing sustainability across all of our developments,” said Linden Homes’ group managing director Ian Baker. “Last year’s improvement in building regulations as a result of the Code for Sustainable Homes has significantly reduced CO2 emissions and water use from all new homes. However, we believe the government and new-build housing industry need to explore alternative ways to deliver the further carbon reductions and improvements in sustainability aspired to.”

Rather than imposing additional regulation onto an already efficient new house, Linden Homes says that new homes should continue to be constructed in accordance with Building Regulations 2010.

Instead, developers would then provide a ‘new homes sustainability bonus’, which would be deposited into a central fund, to enable the retrofit of the UK’s existing housing stock.

Linden Homes has commissioned independent research into the improvements required within the existing housing stock to exceed the UK government’s proposed carbon and water consumption efficiencies projected within new build properties over the next 25 years. Linden Homes is confident it will highlight wide-reaching economic and social advantages not only for the industry, but for homeowners, tenants and local communities as well.